VTI-Valtronics, Inc. – Your Infrared Detector Specialists

Specializing in product development of infrared sensors, VTI-Valtronics leads the industry in the field of Non-Dispersive IR detector technology. With more than 50 years of combined infrared sensor experience, we pioneered a revolutionary new generation of gas monitors; the original ND-IR detector, which features no moving parts and has a diffusion-sampling cell.
Irv Burough, one of the pioneers of this infrared sensor technology, combined his 11 patents with a highly qualified technical staff to establish VTI and continuously research and develop new IR detectors.

By removing the moving parts in infrared detectors, VTI was able to substantially lower the cost to its clients. And thus a new market niche for infrared sensors was created.

Model 2005 “SPI Series” Digital Remote CO2 Monitor/IR Detector
Discover the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) digital processing technology with temperature compensation for high resolution, stable and highly accurate output signal. Learn more here…20% CO2 MONITOR MODEL 2005SPI-2

Whether you need an infrared detector sensing device or a complete gas monitor, take advantage of VTI’s expertise. Let our highly trained and experienced technical staff assist you—call (209) 754-0707 or email VTI@Val-tronics.com.