VTI-Valtronics Inc. is a privately held company specializing in product development within the gas detection field.
Since our formation in 1983, we have become the leader in the field of Non-Dispersive InfraRed technology.
VTI pioneered a revolutionary new generation of gas monitors; the original NDIR gas monitor with no moving parts
and a diffusion-sampling cell.
Irv Burough is one of the pioneers of this method. Combining his 11 patents with a highly qualified technical staff, established VTI to produce the new CO2 sensors. Since there were no moving parts in these gas monitors, prices were dramatically reduced. Soon, a new market niche for CO2 monitors was created.
Our technical staff has over 50 years of cumulative experience and numerous patents in the NDIR field. They are committed to maintaining our leadership in this industry. Thus, we are able to maintain sound state of the art design and stay on the cutting edge of NDIR technology.
Whether you need just a sensing device or a complete gas monitor, contact VTI and utilize its expertise in CO2 monitoring. Let our highly trained and experienced technical staff assist you.
VTI-Valtronics strives for excellence, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers through product development utilizing the latest technology and continuous quality improvement of our products and services.
Continue to provide new technology to streamline our products in order to increase our customer's opportunities in the marketplace by providing customized features.
To be recognized by our customers as the preferred supplier which provides quality NDIR sensors and dedicated customer service.
To maintain ISO 9001 compliance, and a commitment to continuous quality improvement and manufacturing excellence.
Foster growing partnerships with our vendors and customers.
To lead by naturally influencing others, through credibility, capability and commitment.
To continuously learn from any source, and to rapidly convert the learning into action.
VTI-Valtronics designs and manufactures gas-measuring sensors utilizing its core technology of Non Dispersive Infrared. NDIR can monitor several gases, and currently focuses on CO2 monitoring for the Original Equipment Manufacturer.
VTI-Valtronics provides reliable, commercial quality monitors at a competitive and affordable price.
VTI-Valtronics provides NDIR gas monitors for the greenhouse industry, heating and ventilation, geothermal monitoring, tissue culture incubators, poultry incubators, and CO2 safety monitors for wineries, breweries, food storage, food processing, and in-door air quality.
NASA personnel have chosen VTI-Valtronics product for use in a plant growth chamber on an experimental basis for the space station.
VTI-Valtronics developed a specialized monitor for the United States Geological Survey for volcanic studies that are currently in place at Mount St. Helens in Amboy Washington and Mount Haleakala in Maui Hawaii.
Continue to work towards excellence in providing technology that meets our customer's requirements.
To continue to build an honest/ethical trusting partnership that further enhances both parties productivity in the marketplace.
Align our internal processes with customer satisfaction.
Strive to provide a safe working environment for every person.
We recognize each employees desire to provide creative ideas for continuous quality improvement to further improve our products.
We offer our employees the opportunity to pursue additional education in order to assist in their advancement of professional growth.
We show one another appreciation for each person's unique role within the company and recognition for personal and team achievement.
Irv Burough,